How to Market Your Business for Free

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How to Market Your Business for Free

Now , you startup your bussiness , but you don’t know how to market it and how to attract customers to increas your profit , but also you don’t have any budget
so , you’ll learn how to Market Your Business for Free
? First of all you need to know what the meaning of markting
marketing is the process of management through which goods and services move from the seller or the concept to the customer it also includes 4 elements called 4 P’s                                 1- price  2- product   3- promotion   4- place

: Five Ways to Market Your Business for Free

Social media platform : like , facebook , twitter , instagram , linked in and youtube , by using social media you will tell your audience about your brand and increasing your followers without wasting time

Develop referral partnerships with businesses that share your audience : it is important to put your brand in front of your targeted audience quickly and build a customer base and generate revenue

engage with your current customers : you should keep your current customers by saving their e-mails or numbers phone to send offers to them or any information related to your product or services

Get out on the streets : talk to customers in streets about your brand , eat , sleep and breath  your business , pound the phones all day and night to sell

Do something virally outrageous : make creative videos , this will attract people to you product it had shock value and cause people to take notice


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